Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Fresh Confidence Feminine wash from Nature essentials

Fresh Confidence Feminine Wash from Nature Essentials

Product Description:
Anti-Bacterial and anti-fungal. Cleanses and gives natural protection for a lasting fresh feeling. Skin firming and cooling. pH balanced. 

The product has an aroma that certainly covers the smell with a mildly sweet scent. The scent lightens my mood every time that I use it.

Don't get me wrong but this is a normal feminine wash but it's organic so I think that this product will perform better than those that you can buy at malls. When you've used it, the cooling effect gets to you and it feels very, very good. :) Regarding the bottle, it's quite hard to squeeze but it's just fine. And this is mild on the skin; no allergic reactions happened upon using it. The product is in liquid-gel form. The product is very economical to use. One squeeze and you're okay! It's foamy and even when on little amounts, the smell isn't reduced. Overall, it's a very good product.

Pricey but worth it, Php 220 for 60ml. This product can last up to 3 weeks.

For orders or inquiries follow @natureessentials on Instagram

With Love, Danica

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