Monday, 23 November 2015

Castor Oil from Zivine Organics

Zivine Organics


Product description:
Helps you with scars, stretchmarks, warts, split ends, chapped lips, thickens eyebrows, promotes fuller eyelashes, darkens hair and great as hair grower.

Directions for use:
When applying to eyebrows or eyelashes, use cottonbuds. When using on scars or stretchmarks, gently massage onto the area.

100% pure, organic cold pressed castor oil

It smells like crushed seeds but the scent of it is not that strong. It is quite light actually. You would really notice that it's just pure oil just from the smell. No other chemicals are added. 

Texture, Consistency, and Color
The Castor Oil is slightly darker than your usual oil or cooking oil because of it being a pure organic oil. Because of its pureness, you'll see that it becomes gel like. Super viscous oil! Yay!

The Castor Oil is contained in a small bottle. Easy to use and it's not hard to squeeze the bottle. It's super efficient because the bottle only gives a small amount of it per drop. 

When applied, the oil doesn't become sticky after my skin have absorbed the product. I usually use this on the weekends. I use it in the morning and in the evening. On weekdays, I use it in evening only. After two weeks, I noticed that my stretchmarks started to lighten up and the lines on them are starting to fade or something like that. I also use this on my eyebrows and eyelashes. 

"Did it really made my eyelashes longer and my eyebrows thicker?"
My answer is yes! 
This is really effective for me. :) 

But you won't notice it as soon as you apply it. I just noticed the difference after two weeks and five days. The effect of this product is really fast for what it can do. I also observed that hair grew on the inner corner of my eye.

Longer and Thicker lashes. Yay! Super happy. <3

Thicker brows <3

Thank you so much Ms. Zoya for trusting me with your products. Yay! More power to you and your shop! :)

Review about Grapeseed oil will be posted soon. Hihi

For orders or Inquiries follow @ zivine.organics on Instagram
VIBER: 0909 378 7174


  1. Yes! I also have my own castor oil at home! Wow I can't believe all the benefits it has in stalled pala. My lashes are longer and thicker now!

    1. Yay! Hi Tami, Sorry for the late reply. :( I'll be posting the pictures na. Hihi Surprise ko nalang sa'yo. :* Yes, super effective and ang dami talaga niyang benefits. :)


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