Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Beneficial Intimate cleansing formula from natura Organics

Beneficial Intimate Cleansing Formula (Fruit Bio Active Complex) from Natura Organics

Product Description:
An excellent natural and organic remedy to fight hundreds of fungal, bacterial, and viral infections, minor wounds and irritations.

Daily, as often as needed, especially during "heavy" days. Wet area. Pour a small amount onto hand or washcloth and apply. Rinse thoroughly.
✔ Alcohol and Soap-free
✔ Disinfects, protects & whitens intimate area
✔ Gently Cleans & prevents odor
✔ Restores moisture
✔ Balances pH
✔ Hypo-allergenic
✔ Clinically Tested

Mini Product Review:

I'm not really sure on how should I review this product for it's about a private area of women. In light of that, I'll just make a mini-review about this product here and I'll send my full feedback to Ate Ofelia Brito of @iamophelia_natura
- Transparent gel liquid form, it comes with an easy to use bottle
- it has a mild fruity scent to it
- After 1 minute of use, you can feel the "cooling effect" of this product. This is so refreshing.
- you'll feel clean and fresh through out the day even on your "heavy" days.
- It really prevents odour down there, which i really like about  this product. Yay!!
- While using this product, No itchiness occured. This is safe to use, Natural and Organic!
- The price is affordable and reasonable for the benefits that you get. Because the product is really effective for a php 299 in a 120 ml bottle. It takes one whole month before it empties. But it still depends on the amount that you use per wash but its very effective with only 2 pumps.
- I can't say any negative thing about this product for it has never done anything to me but good.

With Love, Danica

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