Monday, 30 November 2015

Apple Cider Vinegar from Skin Potion

Apple Cider Vinegar Soap

The labels on the photo are outdated and they have acquired a new packaging for their products which I really love. For me, the packaging is simple and classy. Regarding on their old packaging, I think it is cute and all the information that you must know about the product are there. 

At first, I really thought that the smell would be a scent of vinegar. But, no. This soap really smells great! The scent really captures me and make me want to just use it. The scent is sweet and slightly fruity. 

After first use, I immediately gave feedback on this product because of its fast occurrence of its effects. My skin never went dry while I'm using this soap. If I scratch my skin, you'll see how moisturized it is because if this soap. I noticed that my skin was glowing after using this soap for the first time. It became soft and smooth also. And my skin got lighter or thats just me. Haha! Anyway, that's what I have noticed. During some time, my bInstagram
llergies because of the heat of the sun. And of course, my first action would be to scratch it. Due to that, my back had wounds because of what I did. This soap hastened the healing process of my scratches. It usually takes a long time for it to heal but with this soap, it just takes 1 week. So satisfied with this. Yay! ☺️

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Love, Danica


  1. So nice blog dear

  2. Thanks for this review sis! Been wanting to try this from Skin Potion and because you raved about it here, feel ko bibili na'ko hehe. Feel free to check out my blog too btw!

    1. Yay! Thank you so much for reading my review about this product sis. :* Yay! Bili kana sis, maganda talaga yung product. :) Sure sis :*

  3. The apple cider vinegar which is applied directly to the problem is said to dry up the pimples and they start to disappear over a short period of time. However, drinking the apple cider vinegar alone is the best option as it works perfectly fine in its own time without you needing to apply it directly onto the skin. Ostomy


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